BOTOX® is a non-surgical procedure that effectively slows the development of wrinkles, and restores the appearance of naturally younger skin.

Benefits of BOTOX®

+ Simple, safe & non-surgical
+ Minimal discomfort
+ No recovery time
+ Visible results in just days
+ Naturally younger appearance
+ Lasting results for up to four months
+ Repeat treatments are available


What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a purified form of Botulinum toxin that is responsible for relaxing muscles. During the treatment, very low doses of BOTOX® are injected with minimal discomfort, temporarily paralyzing the affected muscle. By effectively disabling the treated muscle, wrinkles caused by overworked facial muscles are prevented from deepening or forming entirely.


Does BOTOX® hurt?

BOTOX® injections cause minimal discomfort at the time of treatment, and side effects are very rare.


How many BOTOX® treatments will I need?

We recommend 3-4 treatments per year for optimal and sustainable results.


When will I see results?

Visible results are noticeable in just days, with full results 2 weeks after treatment.  BOTOX® treatments last up to 4 months following treatment.


How long does the treatment take?

BOTOX® treatments are short, often lasting less than five minutes.


What is the cost of Botox®?

Available by complimentary consultation.

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