Summer has arrived and you are SO ready for some sunshine, but is your skin ready for it too? Taking care of your skin during the summer months is super important, but often overlooked in the midst of barbecues, family trips, beach days… and everything that comes with a healthy dose of sunshine! Luckily, our summer skincare tips will ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer during the summer months, regardless of how busy you are!

Start Using A Salicylic Acid Wash

A salicylic acid wash helps to control excess oil and sweat during the summer months. Even people with drier skin will benefit from using this a few times a week. If you have oilier skin, you’ll probably find better results from daily use. We recommend looking out for about a 2% concentration. But if you find a stronger wash, you can simply adjust how often you use it.

Increase your SPF

Sun protection will help to keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay, so it’s not something you should overlook. You should be wearing an SPF moisturiser all year round, but it’s really important to amp up your SPF protection as the weather heats up. Swapping your daily moisturiser for sunscreen mixed with a good hydrating serum is a great idea at this time of year. For the rest of your body, apply your sunscreen first thing in the morning or 30 mins before any activities outdoors. It’s important to apply your sunscreen every hour so that your skin is protected all day, especially during peak hours of 11am – 3pm.


You’ll sweat a lot more in summer due to the humidity and sand will literally attach itself to your sunscreen – none of which is great for your pores. A good exfoliating treatment twice a week will sort you out in no time, but make sure that you avoid retinol at this time of year as it could increase your sun sensitivity and make you more likely to burn!

Be Careful With Waxing!

It’s safe to wax during the summer provided you take precautions to protect your skin which will be more reactive and vulnerable than usual. Always use an SPF (we recommend SPF 50 at least) after a fresh wax to protect those delicate areas (i.e. your bikini wax, for sure). If you can, it’s much safer to visit our qualified waxing technicians here at Lipstick Empire, Edmonton for a professional wax that won’t irritate your skin.

Acne Control

It’s normal to get breakouts in the summer heat, even if you’re not usually prone to acne. The best way to combat this is with an acne-control serum which you can use every day under your moisturiser to keep your skin clear.

Eye Cream is Essential

Too much sun exposure will thin out your skin and result in wrinkles, so it’s important to look after your eye area. A lightweight eye cream during the day and a creamier nighttime version will ensure you have plump and youthful eyes 24/7.

Stay Hydrated!

It might seem obvious, but you really have to up your water intake during the summer. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go so that you don’t get dehydrated, and have some facial spray in your bag too! Your skin will thank you for it and you’ll feel much more energised as a result.

Any Qs? Get In Touch!

If you follow these tips, your skin will enjoy the summer months as much as you do! For more information on treatments available to refresh and revitalise your skin this summer, get in touch with one of your skincare experts at Lipstick Empire, Edmonton on 1 (587) 523-5477 for a chat about how we can help with your skincare needs.