Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue fillers are non-surgical, injectable treatments used to plump and smooth creased skin, bring fullness to sunken areas, and restore skin to a more youthful appearance.

Treatment Areas

+ Cheeks
+ Nasolabial folds
+ Lips
+ Temples
+ Chin
+ Jawline
+ Brow Lift
+ Worry lines
+ Tear trough
+ Hands


What is a soft tissue filler?

Soft tissue fillers like Juvéderm®, Juvéderm Ultra®, and Juvéderm Ultra Plus® are injectable gels that use hyaluronic acid to smooth away unwanted lines and refresh your skin’s natural appearance. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body that, when combined with water in the skin, smooths creases, lifts sunkenness, and plumps thin areas. Juvéderm® is packaged in different viscosities to address lines of varying severities. The higher the viscosity and concentration of hyaluronic acid, the longer the duration that the treatments are successful.


Do fillers hurt?

Juvéderm® fillers contain Lidocaine for minimal discomfort during the procedure. For extremely sensitive areas, topical anesthesia may be used.


Are fillers safe?

Juvéderm® fillers have an excellent safety record, and with no animal byproducts, carry no danger of transmitting disease or eliciting an allergic reaction in patients who are sensitive to dairy, poultry, or other animal-based products.


How long do fillers last in the face?

The length of time a filler lasts is dependent on many factors, including the age of the skin, lifestyle, muscle activity as well as skin type. However, unlike non-stabilized hyaluronic acid products which last days to weeks at most, Juvéderm® fillers often last 8-12 months. Many patients choose to have a follow-up treatment 6 to 12 months following the initial treatment for longer-term results.


What is the cost of soft tissue fillers?

Available by complimentary consultation.

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