Tattoo regret is a very real issue in Canada at the moment and the market for tattoo removal has become a high demand industry. This is no surprise considering that 22% of Canadians have at least one tattoo and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has one! Out of this percentage of tattooed Canadians, 10% of them grow to regret their decision. Laser tattoo removal is a saving grace for these people but can be a long road. In this post we’re going to about the laser removal process and also touch on what causes tattoo regret and how to avoid it from happening at all.

What Makes People Regret Their Tattoos?

In a recent survey of people suffering from tattoo regret, 3 out of 4 people said that they didn’t give much thought to their tattoo – with a planning period of only a few weeks. This kind of impulsive decision-making seems to be the main cause of tattoo regret further down the line.  The other main contributors to tattoo regret included getting a tattoo that had significant meaning (at the time) and wanting to “look cool”. It’s also important to take your emotional state into account before getting your tattoo as this can definitely impact how you feel about the end result.

How Does The Laser Removal Process Work? (And Does It Hurt?!)

The laser tattoo removal process has been revolutionary in this industry. Previous older techniques involved dermabrasion (sanding off the tattoo – ouch!) or surgically removing the specific layer of skin, which is obviously a very invasive process.

At Lipstick Empire, Edmonton, we use the ATV laser to target that unwanted ink. This laser uses Q-Switch nanosecond technology that heats and breaks down the ink pigment by delivering photothermal and small amounts of photoacoustic energy. This is done without ever breaking the skin. Once the ink has broken down, it will be metabolized and excreted by the body. Following each treatment, the skin needs 6 to 8 weeks to completely heal before undertaking your next session.

Pain levels will vary according to the pain threshold of the individual and the area that’s getting treated. However each treatment is usually completed within half an hour max which is a lot less than the time it takes to get even a small tattoo completed. The sensation is quite similar to getting oil splatters on your skin whilst cooking. It will be uncomfortable but the pain is by no means unbearable, especially in comparison to getting the actual tattoo done in the first place.

Will You Have Any Permanent Skin Damage?

Permanent skin damage is highly unlikely when you are treated by an experienced and qualified technician. During your treatment, you will see the tattoo develop a white frosted crust. This will be followed by redness and swelling in the surrounding area. In some incidences, blistering will occur as part of the body’s natural healing process, but this is nothing to be alarmed by. When your treatment is complete, our expert technician will apply a wound dressing and ointment to ensure rapid healing. You will then be provided with aftercare instructions to follow to ensure you take the best care of your skin whilst it heals in between treatments.

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