Adult acne has got to be one of the worst things to encounter once you’ve sailed through your teens (especially if you did so with a clear complexion!). The emotional effects really cannot be downplayed by any means as acne is a very serious issue that can have a dramatic impact on a person’s confidence and wellbeing. For this reason, we’ve put together a post to help you learn more about acne and how you can deal with it when it rears its unwanted head


What Are The Main Types Of Acne And How Do They Occur?

Acne shows in the form of many different kinds of bumps, including blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and pustules. Your skin is over in pores and tiny hair follicles. In your pores, you’ll find your sebaceous glands which produce sebum. Usually, the right amount of sebum is produced, but sometimes your pores can get clogged up with extra sebum (along with bacteria and dead skin cells) and this can cause acne.

The two main acne culprits are blockage of pores and growth of bacteria. When oil and cells get trapped underneath the skin surface, this creates a breeding zone for bacteria to thrive and acne soon occurs.

How Do I Prevent Blocked Pores?

Pores can become clogged due to many contributing factors such as genetics, hormones, diet, stress, and something else called “lipid abnormalities”. Lipid abnormalities occur when you have acne that excretes more sebaceous lipids onto the skin surface, which leads to extra inflammation.

You can protect your skin from blocked pores and acne by starting with a very simple and regular daily skin routine:

  • Wash your face twice a day – no more.
  • Use cool to warm water with a gentle cleanser (no harsh face wipes!)
  • Pat your skin dry (never rub).
  • Moisturise with a UVF moisturiser

Use Products Such As:

Cleansers: To wash away makeup, grime, and dirt. A good cleaner will also act as a foundation for any other skin products you apply. Ensure to choose gentle cleansers that won’t irritate your skin.

Creams and Lotions: Retinoid creams and lotions are well known for their anti-aging properties and can really help the war against fine lines and wrinkles in addition to clearing your skin. When you’re in the midst of a severe breakout, pick up a benzoyl peroxide product to fight your acne (try 10% strength to minimize irritation). This should be used infrequently and sparingly as it can dry out the skin, but it works very well when needed.

Cosmetics: Look for cosmetics that include salicylic acid, which is a big player in the war on acne. Try to pick up formulas geared to adults and not teens (at 2% salicylic acid to start) so that your skin doesn’t dry out. In general, you should be looking for skin care products that don’t clog your pores, and the name to watch out for here is “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” which means that they won’t cause breakouts to occur.

Prescription Meds: If worst comes to worst, don’t be afraid to seek the advise of your dermatologist or GP. Birth control pills can often help control acne, alongside antibiotics and prescription retinoids.Isotretinoin is another acne prescription drug but you can’t take it if you’re already pregnant or trying.

What Aesthetic Treatments Can I Use To Banish My Acne For Good?

Laser treatment for acne comes in a variety of laser types that specifically treat each type of acne in varying ways. Light and laser treatments can each the deep skin layers without harming the outer layer of the skin, therefore no additional scarring occurs (which is super important to our clients!). Our skincare experts at Lipstick Empire, Edmonton, have been treating acne for man years and it brings us a lot of joy to see a client leave the clinic confident and happy again in their appearance.

As every person’s skin is different, it’s always best to come in for a consult to decide what treatment is best for you. Our skincare consultants are very experienced with the treatment of all acne related skin conditions including mild, moderate and severe acne – and we can offer a range of of clinically proven acne treatments to consider.

Does It Hurt And Does It Work?

Depending on the person being treated and the extent of the acne, the treatment may be completely pain-free or it may be painful. Some of our patients experience zero pain during acne laser treatment while others experience significant discomfort. However, this is never enough discomfort to discontinue the treatment.

We use topical pain medications to address pain and make the patient as comfortable as possible. Following the treatment, redness, skin peeling and information can occur, but this usually disappears within a week. Whilst laser treatment will not work 100% of the time, it does work in the majority of cases, and we do our best in the consultation phase to ensure we only take on clients who we genuinely believe we can help.

How Do I Get Started?

Call 1 (587) 523-5477 to arrange a consultant with one of our skincare experts and we can meet with you to talk through the process in depth. Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll work with you on a treatment plan to suit both your budget and aesthetic needs!