Laser Hair Removal

Lipstick Empire LaserSpa in Edmonton offers permanent laser hair removal services for smooth, touchable skin that lasts. Available for a wide variety of treatment areas, hair removal can free you from unwanted body hair, and help you enjoy your skin with confidence and ease.

Treatment Areas and Pricing:

+ Ab line / Glabella / Feet / Hands / Areola / Ears $60
+ Upper Lip $75
+ Chin $85
+ Underarms $95
+ Upper Lip & Chin / Sideburns / Cheeks $135
+ Upper Arm / Bikini / Forearm $150
+ Upper Back / Lower Back / Chest / Full Abdomen $225
+ Flanks / Beard and Neck / Shoulders / Full Face / Extended Bikini $175
+ Brazilian $250
+ Lower Leg / Upper Leg / Full Arms $275
+ Full Back $325
+ Full Leg (includes bikini line) $475
+ Full Body $650


What is Laser Hair Removal?

During a laser hair removal procedure, a beam of light is directed at several hair follicles in the treatment area. The pigment in each hair absorbs the light, and with it, enough heat energy to destroy the hair growth center within the follicle. Because hair goes through resting and growth phases, not all hairs are eligible at any given time to absorb the heat required to permanently stop hair production; this is why multiple treatments are required.

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will depend on the treatment area and the texture and quality of hair. However, most clients achieve great results after 6-8 treatments.


Which is the best laser hair removal machine?

At Lipstick Empire LaserSpa, we use the GentleMax PRO straight laser system. There are two types of laser hair removal techniques— Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Straight Laser systems. IPL treatments weaken the hair follicle but do not permanently destroy it. More sessions will be needed for a lasting result when using IPL and, any change in hormones can cause hair to regrow. With the GentleMax PRO straight laser, the growth center within the follicle is completely destroyed for lasting results in minimal sessions.


Do you have to shave for laser hair removal?

Yes. Shaving before a laser treatment ensures that the laser light is delivered to the base of the follicle and isn’t trapped by the hair above the surface of the skin. In addition, if the hair is not shaven prior to treatment, the service may feel very uncomfortable and the hair can burn onto the skin.


How permanent is laser hair removal?

Straight laser techniques, like the one used at Lipstick Empire LaserSpa, ensure that the affected hair follicles are permanently disabled and unable to produce hair anymore.


Is laser hair removal bad for you?

No. Laser and light-based treatments have been safely used for many years in a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. The laser light used in this treatment targets only the pigment in the hair, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Our laser technicians are certified and trained with over 7 years experience, and all of our lasers are Gold Standard and have been both FDA and Health Canada approved.


When will I see results?

On average, our Edmonton clients see permanent hair thinning after 4 sessions.


How long does a treatment take?

Edmonton Laser Hair Removal Treatments range in length depending on the treatment area. Larger treatment areas will take 30-45 minutes per session, while smaller areas like upper lip will take closer to 5 minutes.

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