The OxyGeneo® is a 3-in-1 super facial technology that will leave your skin glowing. It is a deep cleansing and deep exfoliation service that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture, while lightening and brightening, allowing you to relax and enjoy. Lipstick Empire in Edmonton now offers the OxyGeneo® treatments. The OxyGeneo® will infuse active ingredients into the tissue that increase the body’s natural function of creating Oxygen within the skin.

What is OxyGeneo®?

OxyGeneo® is Canada’s leading anti-aging facial and is designed for deep exfoliation and skin brightening. First, a tailored treatment gel containing active ingredients and vitamins is applied to the skin, while a special Capsugen™ is attached to the OxyGeneo® handpiece. While the Capsugen™ vibrates and spins, it produces a reaction with the gel to exfoliate and create CO2 bubbles on the skins surface. As the CO2 diffuses into the skin, it stimulates our body’s natural production of Oxygen, which leaves the skin with a beautiful, youthful glow.

What does OxyGeneo® do?

+ Deep cleanses
+ Exfoliates dead skin cells
+ Stimulates natural skin oxygenation from within
+ Infuses revitalizing nutrients 
+ Tightens and firms
+ Brightens and lightens
+ Hydrates and nourishes


Does OxyGeneo® hurt?

No. The OxyGeneo® facial uses active ingredients that can create a tingling sensation as it begins to penetrate the tissue. Most clients find this treatment to be very relaxing and enjoyable.


How many OxyGeneo® sessions will I need?

 You can have the OxyGeneo® treatment done once a month, but there is no minimum requirement to see results.


When will I see results from OxyGeneo®?

 You will see results from this facial after just one session in our Edmonton LaserSpa. Your complexion will brighten and your skin will feel clean, fresh and soft immediately following the treatment.


How long doe OxyGeneo® take?

50-60 minutes 


What is the cost?


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